Interface Ecosystem
Spring 2020
News can be overwhelming, especially for young people who are just beginning to cultivate their perspectives apart from their parents. Article is an interface ecosystem that equips college students to become more confident in their knowledge and awareness of news. Article curates five articles a day, allows users to build and share news playlists with friends, and tracks growth in areas of knowledge.
Collaborated with Ruby Peven, Joe Jang, Katie Cowin and Philbert Widjaja.

During initial exploration of news and social applications currently available, our group created a graph of the news market (below). We found that there is gap in the market for news applications that are both informational, but still social. Further research through workshops with college aged students confirmed that our target market wanted a news app that guided them through information, but wasn’t overbearing.

After conducting workshops and brainstorming sessions college students (a few highlighted sticky notes above), many opportunities for Article were revealed. Participants wanted space to synthesize their knowledge, a place to track their progress, a tailored feed, and community that extends beyond the application.

Ipad Annotation Flow ↓

Article provides: 1) A space to synthesize knowledge through its annotation feature, shown here on an iPad. 2) A tailored feed, which is created for each user during the onboarding process, shown here on an iPhone. 3) Extended community through the creation of playlists that can be shared with friends, shown here on the desktop. 4) And a way to track personal knowledge and progress through the collection of meta data, which is displayed on the profile (shown on an iPhone).

Apple Watch Audio Flow↓
Desktop Profile and Playlist Interface↓
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